We’re litigation funding experts

Woodville Litigation Funding specialise in providing innovative, flexible and cost-effective arbitration and litigation funding for law firms, businesses and individuals.

How we work

Woodville are a specialist litigation funding firm operating in the consumer finance and personal injury sector.

We fund all the costs of a qualifying claim to offer support through to the conclusion of the litigation. The merits of any claim go through a rigorous vetting and due diligence process before we agree to fund the claim.The opponent’s ability to pay is fundamental to secure funding.
Our offering is unique as it benefits from the loan being secured on an ‘After the Event’ insurance policy, which protects against the risk of having to pay your opponent’s legal costs and expenses if the case is lost. Your loan is thus repaid to Horizon from that insurance policy.
Our funding process

Why Woodville


Instant funding provided for suitable cases using our sophisticated loan management platform.


Funding improves flexibility for the law firms and aids company cashflow.


We provide clients with access to justice that they would not otherwise have had.

Meet the Woodville team

Our in-house underwriting team have over 25 years’ experience and are well positioned to assist in the reviewing of loan enquiries and efficient funding of legal claims.

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