Funding process

Woodville’s unique process ensures a highly protected funding mechanism.

Key to our product is the protective measures put in place to secure our loan which provides the solicitor funding. ‘After the Event’ insurance provides this important additional protection.

Previous litigation funders in this sector saw solicitors directly funded with no coverage or protection in place, with cases being funded at the outset, substantially increasing the risk.

  • Woodville enters the process much later and only at the point where the insurance certificate is attached to the case.
  • A rigorous due diligence process is undertaken for each case to ensure it meets a prospect of success that the law firm considers will achieve a successful outcome 
  • We only fund on a case by case basis.

The loan process overview

Client lodges claim with solicitor

Solicitor reviews claim; it is accepted/declined

Accepted Claim

Signs up contracts with the client

Policy is now live

ATE Insurance is incepted

Claim is accepted or declined

With ATE Insurance in place Woodville pay out the loan to the law firm

Claim concludes solicitor pays out loan/ATE pays out

Loan is repaid

Meet the Woodville team

Our in-house underwriting team have over 25 years’ experience and are well positioned to assist in the reviewing of loan enquiries and efficient funding of legal claims.

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